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Jan 15, 2013 1:30pm PST
, your favorite boob girl. >> that's why clinton was there. you had to have the globe president. >> i love sofia vergara, i can't pronounce her name, but b-b-b-boob! >> beyonce and jay-z's daughter. >> $200,000. she turned 1 last monday and 91 grand on pink and white flowers. $2,000 on the cake and $30,000 on party favors and that's not including her big present. they got her a diamond-encrusted barbie doll that cost $80,000. >> wow! >> at least they're so in touch with all of us. >> if this is one, what does a sweet 16 look like? >> they're just going to buy earth. >> yeah. add to cart. >>> what really hurt my heart because children in africa are starving -- they paid $80,000 for a damn barbie doll. >> what does it do? does it wake up in the morning? >> no, it's blue ivy's barbie for her first birthday. >> she don't need no damn diamonds. she's going to eat them! she's going to put the necklace in her mouth and her [ bleep ] is going to be worth millions. >> that is ridiculous, honey. here are kids around the money playing in bath houses and i never had a birthday party before. >> al
Jan 19, 2013 11:30pm PST
at the national mall featured celebrity guests eva longoria. chelsea clinton is the honorary chair. >> when he signed the bill he reminded us of what dr. king often called life's most persistent and urgent questions, what are you doing for others? >> reporter: andy rose, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> there are some familiar faces from california in washington, d.c. tonight for the inaugural festivities this weekend. hundreds packed the ballroom in the washington court hotel for the golden state inaugural bash. nancy pelosi says she is not only proud of the president's election. >> woman, minorities, lgbt communie up a majority of the house democrats. that is quite a remarkable thing. >> pelosi says she is hopeful that the house will come together with moderate republicans working with democrats. >>> the mayors of san francisco, san josi and oakland are all in town for the inauguration. mayors ed lee, chuck reed and jean quan are just a handful of the politicians from california braving that east coast chill for the big festivities. ktvus a ken pritchel and torrey campbell will have live reports be
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2